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Rhuged Gun Cleaning Kit


Pistol Cleaning Kit Cleaning Handgun Kits 9mm .22 .30 .357 .40 .45 .38 Caliber with Bronze Bore Brush,Flexible Cable,Oil Applicator,Gloves,6 Inch Cotton Swabs,Cleaning Patches, T-Handle. 

  • 1 T – handle
  • 2 brass slotted tips
  • 1 metal gun cleaning pick
  • 1 Double-ended nylon brush
  • 50 patches
  • 2 Brass Gun Cleaning Rod(10″ )
  • .22Cal, .357Cal/.38Cal/9MM, .40Cal, and .45Cal brass jags
  • .22Cal, .357Cal/.38Cal/9MM, .40Cal, and .45Cal cotton brushes 
  • .22Cal, .357Cal/.38Cal/9MM, .40Cal, and .45Cal bronze brushes
  • wire rope

Brass serrations are effective for cleaning barrel smudges, and together with the cleaning cloth, you can dry and oil the barrel.

The Brass Brush effectively removes lead, copper and powder residues from the barrel. 

The cotton barrel brush not only cleans up barrel residue, but also applies your favorite gun oil or solvent to your gun chamber.

The T-handle can be connected to the brass tube to form a longer cleaning rod, or to the flexible cable can help you clean the barrel of your gun. 

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