Tactical Gear

Rugged was born after 20 plus years of experience in the tactical gear world and real-life combat. Our tactical products are designed and created from our own ideas, experiences, and with the best materials and products, we can find.

Legit Tactical Gear Shipped Worldwide

Rhuged tactical gear and equipment are made in the USA but we ship worldwide. Whether you need tactical gear near where you live or you are stationed overseas and the best tactical gear, our fast shipping can get you kitted up in a hurry. We have prided ourselves on selling the highest level of tactical gear as a global supplier for decades and strive to bring the best tactical gear to the market. We do not skimp or cut corners and our tactical gear is 100% American. We believe in high-quality tactical gear and products that function properly every time and look the part as well. We are so confident in our products, materials, and designs that we guarantee our products for life or your money back!

Types of Tactical Gear that We Sell

While we are always developing new products and testing new ideas our core business in tactical gear is centered around our ammunition pouches and weapon slings. Our ammo pouches and tactical gun slings come in a variety of colors and patterns including black, Multicam®, and more.

Tactical Magazine Pouches for Handguns & Rifles

We carry the following tactical pouches for many weapons and uses.

  • Double Universal Pistol Mag Pouches
  • Folding Dump Pouches
  • Rapid Reload Single Mag Pouches for AR Style Magazines 

Our tactical ammo pouches are made from the very best materials so they will stand the test of time. Our pouch designs are unique and remove the need for Kydex and other bulky molded liners. Our pouches use powerful magnets to create a tight fit while being extremely easy to use when you are practicing your tactics or in the fray. The ease of use allows you to be confident in your tactical gear so you can concentrate on your objective and not faulty equipment from lesser brands.

Adjustable Tactical Slings for Multiple Configurations

One thing we have been known for over the last 20 years is our tactical slings. Our tactical slings are made for single and double point configurations and really are customizable for each shooter. We pride ourselves on tactical slings that will not bind or twist from any shooting position. This makes our tactical slings extremely comfortable and easy to use while reducing fatigue and preventing your skin from getting scratched and chafed. Our slings come in many colors to fit your kit and needs. Couple our tactical slings with our new tactical swivels and you have a really winning pair of tactical products to round out your gear.

Tactical EDC Gear for Your Pockets & Dresser

While we have been selling some of the best tactical gear on the planet we are also big on being prepared in everyday life. Our line of tactical EDC gear includes our coveted Ring Knocker and our Rhuged EDC tray. The Rhuged Ring Knocker is the perfect multi-tool for opening bottles, being used as a key chain, but more importantly for its use as a defensive tool. This solid metal, made in America, tactical defense tool can really help you spin the odds in your favor.

While we will have more and more tactical EDC gear rolling out over the coming years we want to make sure our gear is organized and easy to find. We designed our Rhuged EDC tray for just this reason. Our EDC tray is made in America and a great place to keep your keys, Ring Knocker, wallet, watch, pocket knife, and anything else you EDC.

So no matter if you are looking for ammo pouches, weapon slings, or EDC products, Rhuged is your go-to for tactical gear and products that you can count on so order from us today!

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