About Rhuged Ammo

Rhuged™ sells both new, and remanufactured ammunition. Our remanufactured (known as remanned) is produced using specialized automated commercial equipment by a federally licensed and insured partner manufacturer. Our remanned ammunition is produced under the highest quality control processes which ensure all the specifications required by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) are followed to the letter. We only use once fired brass cases; all of which are cleaned, preprocessed, and transformed back to like-new brass condition. This case preprocessing is one of the big differences between reloaded ammunition and remanufactured ammunition. The preprocessed cases and all-new premium components (primers, powder, and projectiles) are loaded into the commercial reloading machines. The case has a new primer pressed in, filled with powder, and a new ball is pressed in, then the brass case is closed. Our remanned ammo in larger quantities is shipped in bulk packaging. Smaller quantities 20 or 50, or 100 round bundles are all packaged.

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